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Mortgage & Debt Free

Years Sooner...

You know the feeling of getting a Tax Refund every year...

now imagine getting a Interest Refund every month...

The entire process is handled by a Team of  qualified professionals 

working on your behalf from

beginning to end.

FIND OUT HOW WE CAN REDUCE YOUR MONTHLY PAYMENTS BY 70% offers a specialized service that helps Canadian home owners with a few short term debts become mortgage and debt free years sooner. We show you how to increase Assets, Wealth and Cash flow all at the same time.  We have the technology to do this fast and efficiently.  

The entire process is handled by a team of qualified professionals working on your behalf from beginning to end:


  • Seasoned advisory panel of experts leading their field.

  • Major Canadian Banks

  • Trust Companies

  • Licensed Professionals/Experts

  • Real Estate Lawyers

  • One-on-one Coaches    

We do the heavy lifting while building awareness and providing important education. We make a real difference in the lives of Canadian Homeowners and we make it easy, comfortable and affordable; with no out-of-pocket expenses.  

After you fill out a simple form (Quick Survey), we provide you with a FREE Rapid Analysis Report, which is built totally around what you are currently paying your creditors. You cannot write a cheque for this service.

You will be assigned a personal coach who will guide you through the process. The time-frame for this is 4 to 6 weeks.



With, find out how much money we can save for you and how many years sooner you can retire your debt.  Simply fill out the "Quick Survey" at the bottom of the page.


You cannot buy this service, you can only qualify.  There is no out-of-pocket money ever.  If approved, the fee for the service is paid by the interest savings from your debt restructuring process.  ​


  • Average 10+ years off your mortgage.

  • $100,000+ mortgage interest savings you were legally obligated to pay.

  • $500+ increase in personal monthly spending Cash Flow.

  • A liquid real cash Emergency Fund.

  • An actionable Tax Free Pension Supplement Plan, that will secure a worry-free retirement for you. 


+ satisfied clients





Increase Cash Flow

Become Mortgage & Debt Free Years Sooner

Build Wealth

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Supplement an Emergency Fund

Increase Assets

Create Worry-Free Retirement

Worry Free Retirement Without Sacrificing Lifestyle Today...

Retire Richer, Sooner and in Control... YES YOU CAN

​​​​​​​ Can Help You...


Wealth Connexion Partners

"When we saw what we could do to reduce people's interest, it intrigued me...  We saw on average $1,500 a month in savings, and the length of mortgages going down from 30 years to 16 years..."

"A number of my team have already submitted the Quick Survey and a few of them have qualified already, so we are really looking forward to work with Coach4CashFlow..."

"We have been able to give our clients a very holistic approach, not just towards building wealth through real estate, but an overall wealth management and relationship system..."

"If I had learned this earlier, I would have saved a lot of time wasted for me, I could have retired earlier..."

"I don't have a mortgage, but I want to help people and help them get out of debt...This is the only Plan I have seen that does that..."

"It provided a lot of hope for us, 

because we were able to reduce debt, increase cash flow and then there is a plan for the future... We saved 15 years off our mortgage, and we got $2,000 more cash flow a month..."